1. Click on "BUY NOW" under product.

2. Select an option from available options.

3.  Input your desired product quantity.

4. Click on "Buy now"

5. Click on "Checkout".

6. Click on continue to register as a new customer or if you are already a registered user then please log in with your credentials.

7. Fill up the form with respective data's. Then click "Continue".

8. Click "Continue"  again.

9.  Click "Confirm Order".

10. At this point you will be redirected to this page. Choose  any of the payment method that you are going to use.

11. And click on "PAY NOW"

12.  And then you will be redirected to your chosen payment gateway page.

13. You will get an e-mail as 'a' when the order is placed.


14. And you will get an e-mail as 'b' after your  payment has been successful. From the e-mail you can click "Order Info" to view your orders or simply click the download button to download the software directly.


15. Upon clicking  "Order Info" you will be redirected to this page here you can also download the software